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our quality of life improves with every donation

Why Support the UACOA?

The Upper Arlington Commission on Aging helps improve the quality of life for senior citizens. By organizing programs, services, and activities for Upper Arlington senior citizens, the UACOA has a huge impact on the success of its’ seniors.   Often when support is requested, it’s in the form of a financial donation, which we will gladly accept on behalf of our seniors.  In addition to a monetary donation, we would also like to inform you of other ways to support this organization and the citizens of Upper Arlington.

Donate Your Time

At this point in today’s world, time seems to be one of our most fleeting resources.  If you have some that you would like to share, the UACOA and those that it serves, would love to be beneficiaries

Donate Your Talent

Do you have a special skill or talent that might benefit to the work being done at the UACOA?  Do you, your friends, or company have a product or service that could be donated and utilized?  Let us know!

Donate Your Treasures

Do you have items that will benefit the program and the senior citizens of Upper Arlington? Please feel free to donate your personal treasures so that others may enjoy them.