Making Upper Arlington a Better Place For All of Us

What is I Am Fine?

I Am Fine is a telephone check-in program for any Upper Arlington resident. Calls may be tailored to individual needs, which may include multiple calls in a day or calls only on certain days of the week. You set the schedule.

How does I Am Fine work?

Once you are enrolled in Kind Call, a computer will call your home daily at a prearranged time. If everything is okay, you simply press “1” and then hang up the phone. The computer will register that you have answered and no action will be taken.

What if I don't answer the phone?

If you don’t answer the phone, the Kind Call computer will call someone you have designated to keep a key to your home, a relative or neighbor, for example. This person will be sent to check and make sure you are okay. If you don’t have a “key holder”, other options are available.

How much does I Am Fine cost?

I Am Fine is a free service funded by the Senior Services Levy through the Franklin County Office on Aging and provided by the Upper Arlington Commission on Aging with the cooperative efforts of the City of Upper Arlington Fire and Police Divisions and the Rotary Club of Upper Arlington. Kind Call was established in 1990.

Does I Am Fine really work?

Yes. Our program and others like it have saved lives and helped many people to maintain independent living in their own homes.

What if my Key Holder does not answer?

If your key holder does not answer, Upper Arlington police and paramedics will be dispatched to your home.

What if I'm not going to be home?

I Am Fine is very flexible as it is easy to cancel or suspend your call at any time. Simply call the Communications Center at any time. The Communications Center staff will assist you with your Kind Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.