Keep It of Pitch It?

Are you stressing about how you’ll clear out your house when it is time? Or are you an adult child trying to plan for your parents’ house clean out?

Start our time together hearing about how one family did it themselves – cleaning out a family home after 59 years, 7 kids, 13 grandkids,  4 floors and a garage full of stuff!  With the use of good communication, the “Fair Splits” website and a lot of elbow grease this family did it themselves and best of all – are all still talking after all was done!  Learn a fair way to segregate personal belongings and divvy them up to family members so that everyone involved feels they had the opportunity to get sentimental and valuable belongings.

And once you’ve heard their story, hear from an expert as she shares additional downsizing strategies – and a bit of humor – to help you know if you should Keep It or Pitch It!